what it is,
Millions of media tell us all definitions and information about the world, making us drown in the sea of fragments. The world might look shiny, but blur.
Paradoxically, what is needed in this global age can be subjective and partial narratives, which give us several and strong possibilities to understand the situation.
So we love telling our stories, listening to your stories, driven by -philia.

who we are?
multi/cross-, Any nationalities and languages are welcome. Our blog is willing to be a multi/cross-cultural plat-form, composed of every differences and diversities. Later you will see how one story functions in the mosaic of dialects, which is much more exciting than just a pure-white canvas or a beautiful but too clear painting.

what we share,
topics, We do not restrict topics. Anything that affects our six senses can be an object of our narrative.
But at the same time, in the sense that this platform stimulates our perception of the reality(local/global), strengthens or weakens certain dimensions in it, and finally set the borders in it, we could say we are always dealing with space.


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