[website]finding opportunity space


I believe there has been many tools, researches that ease us from finding new possible space in urban cityscapes.
Although our technology develop faster than that of what we can utilize very core of updated innovations, latest urban conditions are quite dynamic that reliability of technology may seem doubtful. (even though they are very reliable than human)
Anyway among many defined researches updated and outdated minute after they have been posted, this group is one that I find somewhat interesting to check out !

A New Portal to Pair Eager Developers and Underused Properties

OpportunitySpace is an information-rich marketplace that helps you discover and invest in untapped real estate opportunities. Our mission is to rebuild our cities by empowering public, private, and civic stakeholders. We provide dynamic tools that streamline information access and create communication channels among decision-makers.

Not only about the conceptual approach(about analysis) that interests me, group of people that they have brought together seems is very interesting.

(you can check CEO and member of their board in “about us” tab).


About tesani

Founder [theWorkshop] Urban planner, Junior Architect, Designer


  1. I think, this project can be linked on my research and your interested. Shell we discuss more on this idea bro.

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