[website]Post–office and KOSUMI Library

KOSUMI Library (http://suumo.jp/edit/iewohiraku/jitsurei/room03/)

While discussing about the research criteria and structuring our (multi-layered) process in <theWorkshop> with Hiroki, Piya and 은아(Euna), as for durability of the latter work processes,

first task that we might be in need for [research] part is about defining the meaning of “vacancy”, “vacant” in different countries.

Since we share different contexts (even in one country), yet to draw any conclusion, we can predict quite a rich value of sharing not only the figures but also on-going process (program, spatial, policy innovations) in other countries.

And there is some overlaps to previous case-studies but
you can check with Hiroki’s explanation.

—-Hiroki’s email forwarded——

A small library converted from abandoned tea shop.
The manager is a normal businessman. He opens this facility only in weekends.
The conversion cost was cheap because he did almost everything through workshop with local people.
Program and atmosphere is quite casual, which will be bit different from theWorkshop.
An event space in Rotterdam converted from something vacant (Interior is still kept as before, really vacant-space-looking).
The program is just rental event space (there are only one bar-counter and vacant space).
Slightly academic and underground. People use it for lectures, exhibition and film screening.

Only art&design fun will visit.


If you have other casestudies share them with some tags!
Let’s start archiving some information!

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