Since the start of -philia, the dialogue, we knew there will be somewhat of “spatial” quarter in the near future.

Maybe it might have come bit sooner than expected or it might have just come in a right time to push our motivation of platform in any ways/forms.

‘theWorkshop’ side_A

‘theWorkshop’ side_B

A quarter for ‘-philia’ is on its way to be used as the satellite in Korea. Its yet uncertain of its opening for public but within this month of September (2014), it will be open for the -philia .

This vacant space will be mainly open for community (individual/group) exhibition / lecture (online/offline) space / individual & group services to extend public domains in mild sub-urban culture in Korea.

Sharing the purpose/motive of -philia, theWorkshop is to assist and extend various possibility to communicate various cultures and languages of individual in physical space.

I am quite happy to update this newa and more updates are to come as is developed.

Soon, I will inform all to set up our firat meeting for our next steps.

See you all.


About tesani

Founder [theWorkshop] Urban planner, Junior Architect, Designer

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  1. Look forward to the soon-to-be Workshop na ka : ) su su

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