what we might be lack of or what we might not have.


Shanghai apartment

Shanghai apartment

Easily ‘tipped over’ in our generation

After reading this article (above, linked),
I’d must say, I have always thought that before certain times of our life, we need practice.

Practice to sense, Practice to listen, Practice to speak, Practice to write, Practice to do, Practice to love, Practice to hate,
Practice to be  mature.

In western(greek) philosophy, Aristoles quotes,
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
In eastern (asian) philosophy, Confucious quotes,
“听而易忘,见而易记,做而易懂. (I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.)” 

Through every practice, I feel that we are to in-habit of our environment / mind / -selves for greater habit or understandings to others and furthermore to be conscious of ourselves.

And from this article, I started to ask same questions that I have once asked quite long time ago (when I was undergraduate),
1. Architects in our generation, what/where are  we heading for/to. Who and what will be our next mentor after architects; Koolhaas, Tschumi, Rowe, Gehry, Eisenman and many other great theorist/architects.
2. Will my works (in future) be safe for the user, for the field and etc.

Taking my past experience(talks) with seniors and senior architects in architecture field as a reference,
I often had to hear from our precedent architects claiming,
“As time (generations) pass, young-architects are lack of detail-ness, // are lack of critical-ness, // are lack of understanding-ness”

I mind to respond with some concurrence or sympathy with the matter (taking some look-backs on my works), but I also hesitate to agree at once.
So to agree, I am sure, “We are lack of practices
but then, I would like to claim,  “Have we had those chances to practice, like the past (bubble or industrial era after post-war) generations?”
And at last, I will always start to consider about, “So, how…how… can we give chances for our next generations, if its not land that we can give as their practice

As a junior architect, who have seen many of fellow colleague quitting the field of architecture (low income, due to bankruptcy of their company, lack of position), I felt just like this “tipped-over” apartment, ready to be tipped in very next seconds without practice.

Again, to quote on Aristoles and Confuscious, “We understand what we do and what we do becomes a habit.”
What are we missing these days? What practices have lead to this occasion?  as an architects.



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  1. Could we say like “Opportunistic Tipping Points”. ^^

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